Srixon Z-TX Golf Driver Review – Low Density Titanium Means Stability And Distance

The Srixon Z-TX driver certainly looks good and features some unique proprietary patent pending design technology that can help most golfers get some great extra distance.

GolfDriverReviews Editor’s Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

  • 4 stars

GolfDriverReviews Editor’s Review

The cool new forged titanium that Srixon uses for its Z-TX driver is really turning some heads. Not only does this driver look good, with its silver trim and black racing highlights, but it also delivers on the tee.

In testing and reviews, the full range of handicappers were able to get some nice distance gains and additional control. Amongst this group, the power hitters and low handicappers seemed to see the largest of the distance increases, with 5-9 yards extra on average.

The extra control of this “Tour Extreme” Srixon driver wooed the mid to lower handicappers in reviews. They saw comparable distance increases to others of the latest drivers on the market, but they felt that they were getting better control and workability with the Srixon Z-TX driver.

Srixon is best known for their golf balls, many PGA tour pros are hitting them, and it now looks like Srixon is coming of age with their drivers as well. We love the technology in the Z-TX and give it a strong 4 star rating.

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  • Srixon Z-TX Driver

The Good

  • Sleek look – we like the design of this club, it just cries distance. It also comes with a gorgeous faux black leather head cover.
  • Great shaft – the stock shaft on the Srixon Z-TX is the Mitsubishi Diamana, which is a very high quality graphite shaft.
  • Stable – expect great stability at impact, especially on miss hits.
  • Great for mid to low handicappers – although the Z-TX is good for all players, better golfers and power hitters seem to get a lot of benefit from this club. As you get better and better at golf, you start to see smaller incremental improvements, so if you can get a driver that will on average give you another 5-9 yards off the tee, then jump on it.

The Bad

  • Sound – impact sound is described as hollow or empty
  • Expensive – the Z-TX is at the high end for golf drivers.
  • Models

Both the Srixon Z-TX and the Srixon Z-RW use the Starburst Power Face design and similar materials.

  • Srixon Z-TX 4.5 5+ 2010
  • Srixon Z-RW 4.3 6+ 2009

Technology Features

Srixon has enlarged the coefficient of restitution (COR) on the club face of the Z-TX driver by 5% which has increased its distance, forgiveness and accuracy. Srixon utilizes a variable face design called Starburst to achieve this effect which also helps to increase the trampoline effect of this driver. The Z-TX driver club head is made of a new rolled titanium material called Super Ti-X51, which has a very low density and is highly elastic. The combination of the Starburst variable face design and the new light gravity material results in the largest and most effective sweet spot that you’ll find on any Srixon driver. You’ll find maximum forgiveness and less loss in power on miss hits.

The club head body of the Srixon Z-TX driver is also designed using specialized low density titanium that combines with the TWIN CAM design of its sole to create an extremely high moment of inertia (MOI). The specialized material helps Srixon move 11 grams of weight to the outer areas of the club head and further stabilize the club head at impact. You’ll find that Srixon has fine tuned its club head for each type of loft offered, yielding the best spin characteristics and the most optimal launch angle for golfers of all ability levels.

To further help golfers on miss hits, Srixon has added a patent pending 6 part roll and bulge design on the clubface. The effect is a higher launch angle and decreased side spin even when the ball is hit outside of the face center. This helps you really control the ball better on miss hits. To assist you with alignment, the Srixon Z-TX club head has a straight top line shape for additional consistency.

Specifications Table

  • Lofts 8.5, 9.5, 10.5
  • Lie (degrees) 57.5
  • Club Length (inches) 45.5″
  • Head Size Volume (cubic centimeters) 460
  • Swing Weight D4
  • Shaft Flex X, A, S, R
  • Shaft Types Mitsubishi Ultralite Diamana Red 44
  • Grips Tour Velver BCT Full Cord
  • Shaft Material Graphite

strixon ztx driver

For more information on any of these features, check out our Golf Driver Buying Guide, which has very informative articles on what to look for when buying a golf driver.

GolfDriverReviews Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of The Most Helpful Positive Reviews

Many golfers feel that the club face design helps them to straighten out their drives, hooks especially, and miss hits have relatively little loss of distance. Golfers say it is a very consistent and forgiving club. They also like the square set up and the overall look of the club. Many golfers with higher swing speeds said they were able to get some good extra distance, some were looking at 5-9 yards extra on average.

Summary of The Most Helpful Negative Reviews

Several golfers say they don’t get a lot of roll on the ball after it lands, but the carry is good. There also seems to be a bit of a draw bias for this driver. A couple of golfers say it feels a little light at contact. There was also some talk about the sound being weak and kind of hollow or empty.