Lambkin N-DUR Golf Club Grips – Do Yourself a Favor

This is one of the better designs in golf club grips to come out in recent years. One of my favorite grips of all time was the Lambkin G3 Quarter Cord. The reason I like it so much was the fact that the underside of the upper section was Cord, while the rest of the grip was not. This allows the grip to have great gripping power with very light grip pressure. It also doesn’t tear up your golf glove as much as a Cord grip and your right hand doesn’t get sore holding onto the club as it can with a full cord grip. It’s the best of everything you could look for in a golf grip.

This new N-DUR grip has the same great features only in a different design. The underside of the entire grip has Hexagonal texture pattern to enhance the feel and control of the club where the finger tips contact the club. More FEEL for the club in your finger tips leads to better TOUCH in your short game and better control of the club on all shots. At the same time, the front section of the grip provides a great NON slip surface without tearing up your golf glove in the process. If you have ever played with Full Cord grips you know how hard they can be on your glove and lower hand. Its’ pretty common for a golf glove to wear out at least twice as fast when playing for either Half or Full cord grips. And Full cord grips are hard on your right hand if you’re a right handed golfer. The new X-DUR design solves both of these issues in one great design.

Lamkin NDUR Golf Club Grip

The grips are available in three color choices. The Hexagonal textured under side come in Red, Blue or Black, while the front section is White. The new synthetic rubber compound is not only more durable, but it also helps the golfer keep the clubs in position with very light grip tension. And as most good golfers know, a light grip tension is very important for obtaining a high swing speed for more distance with all of your clubs.

The grips come in only a .580” core size at the moment, and weigh 57 grams. Most standard size grips weigh in at around 50 grams. So the N-DUR might be a little heavier than your current grips if you are using standard size grips. And being a .580” core size, you will notice a somewhat thicker size to your clubs if you use this grip. My experience is that they feel a bit larger, which they are, but I didn’t have any problems getting used to them. I also don’t notice any difference in the feel of the clubs with the extra 7 grams of grip weight. If you replace standard size 50 gram grips with these .580 core 57 gram N-DUR grips, expect to see the swing weight of your clubs to go down about 2 points. A D4 club would be more like a D2.

If you think this might bother you, I’d advice getting ONE club re-gripped and play with it a bit before getting all of your clubs done. To be honest, I CAN see and feel the difference, but it hasn’t been an issue after ten minutes at the practice range hitting balls with the clubs. And if you happened to be a golfer that likes to have a few layers of tape applied under your grips, the use of these .580” core grips will eliminate the need for the extra tape and make the re-gripping job a bit easier.

One of the nice things about all Lambkin grips that I have used over the years is how well they hold up and perform. Going by my experience so far with these new N-DUR grips I believe they will hold up every bit as well if not better than what I’m used to for Lambkin grips. They also don’t get slippery as fast as some other grips I’ve used. If you are playing with factory grips on your clubs, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how long this grip maintains their gripping power with very light grip pressure. The new material also has good impact softening qualities that make ball contact a little softer on your hands. So if you have a problem with hitting thin shots that make your hands sting, I think you’ll like the new N-DUR grips that much more. I’ve notice a little less sting in my hands during the colder months when the ground is hard and my finger as cold. Less sting just makes the game a lot more fun on cold days.

Installing these grips is pretty easy with standard gripping practices. Cleaning of these grips is also straight forward and easy. I like to use Wesley’s Blech Wite tire cleaner on all of my rubber grips, and it works great on these N-DUR grips. As fast and easy as it is to clean these grips, there is no reason to every play a round of golf with dirty slippery grips again. Being white on the top side of the grip, it’s also very easy to SEE when the grips are getting a bit dirty.

To be honest, I was a bit worried about playing with White grips. But I’ve come to think of White grips are a bonus. Now I KNOW when my grips are getting dirty BEFORE they start to slip in my hands. No more getting to the course only to wish I had cleaned my grips before I left home. Once you’re at the course it’s a little TOO LATE to clean your clubs. So if you are playing golf with old factory installed grips or worn out grips, do yourself a favor and have a set of these new N-DUR Lambkin grips installed, and start playing better golf your next time out.

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