Adams RPM Irons Review


That’s right. I said it. I haven’t been out in the sun too long or hit my head. Adams Golf has stepped up to the plate and delivered two clubs that hit it long and keep it in between the foul poles. I’m talking about none other than their RPM 460 Dual driver and new RPM Low Profile Tour fairway woods. Admittedly, Adams has long been associated with easy-to-hit clubs for the recreational or aspiring golfer. That’s still true enough. However, what’s been developing behind the scenes at Champions Tour, Nationwide, and PGA events are some of the best clubs for lower handicap golfers many people aren’t even aware of. That’s all about to change as word gets out about their newest entries into the Driver and Fairway Wood market. Get some pine tar on those hands (or a golf glove if you prefer,) ‘cause it’s time to “go yard” with Adams Golf.

The Adams RPM 460 Dual Driver

First, let’s talk about the RPM 460 Dual driver. This club rarely gets much press. Why, I’m not sure. The marriage of a composite crown with dual adjustable weighting in a 460cc head would have been featured in a myriad of magazine reviews and television advertisements had any other manufacturer done it. If you haven’t hit this driver, don’t overlook it. My test model came fitted with a Grafalloy Prolaunch 65 stiff shaft and 10.5º of loft. I had hit this combo last summer when this club was first on the market. I was quite impressed with the very ample distance. However, at 45.75” in length from the factory, I was frankly a little erratic with it. Entering this review, I fully intended to hit it before and after a re-shaft.

Adams RPM 460 Dual driver

With the stock Prolaunch shaft, the 460 Dual was long, and hit towering shots with perhaps just a touch too much backspin for me. The head felt great with a nice authoritative “crack” at impact and a hot feel across the large, forgiving face. It was good, but I knew it could get better! I was pleased with the adjustable weighting, which does its job nicely to help shape shots with a fade, draw, or neutral ball flight. I tended to favor a setup with a 12 gram weight in the toe and a 7 gram weight in the heel. The 460 Dual comes with a weight kit which includes two 7 gram, one 2 gram, and one 12 gram weight, along with an accompanying torque wrench. With the heavier weight in the toe, I hit nice little power fades all day. It was just what the skipper ordered, as I can tend to miss left on occasion. “Foul ball!”

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Adams RPM Irons

To get this club’s batting average above .500 and to the next level, I had a Grafalloy Comp NT 85 stiff installed at 44.5”. The great thing about the adjustable weighting was that it allowed me to load up the head with some additional weight so that the swing weighting of the club would not be adversely affected by playing it a the shorter 44.5” finished length. It came out just perfect without the need for added weight via lead tape or tip weighting. After the re-shaft, this head absolutely came alive. All of the explosive distance it possessed at the stock length, with the added control afforded by the shorter finished length. The ball flight was now a mid-high, flat, piercing trajectory. More and more, people are re-shafting clubs to attain their desired specs. I highly recommend checking out the 460 Dual and exploring shaft options through Adams Golf’s custom department or your local clubfitter. The superb distance and forgiveness of this head is one of the best kept secrets on the market. The ball flight is truly adjustable, and the feel of the head is powerful, satisfying and hot. This club is appropriate for all skill levels with its ample forgiveness. It went from “minor league prospect” to “major leaguer” after the re-shaft.

The Adams RPM Low Profile Tour Fairway Woods

It’s now time for the towering Grand Slam: The Adams RPM Low Profile Tour fairway woods. The product of development on all major Tours, this “Tour Prototype” (as appears on the sole of this retail club) is a true “player’s” delight. I opted for the 16º loft paired with a Grafalloy Prolaunch 75 stiff shaft from Adams. The “Tour” versions of the RPM Low Profile woods have deeper faces, and 25 grams of weight is moved closer to the face for a more boring and workable ball flight. Mission accomplished. The face sits slightly open at address, and this club will do everything your game is capable of. It has a very flat, penetrating trajectory that the wind just doesn’t touch and crispness at impact that is solid with just a hint of a “tink” at impact. The head weight is quite heavy, and it actually caused the shaft to play weaker than the stated flex. Go up in stiffness by one flex would be my suggestion. A quick trip to my clubfitter for a Prolaunch 75X turned out to be just what was needed. It was “point and shoot” accurate after that.

Adams RPM Low Profile Tour fairway woods

With a name like “low profile,” I was a bit concerned about the face not being deep enough, and a possible propensity to hit shots too high. My concerns were for naught; the ball flight couldn’t have been stronger, and it performed equally well from off a tee and off the turf. The very large, flat sole with its dual “rails” traveled through the turf perfectly without any tendency to dig. I do wish Adams would have left the “Tour Prototype” badge off the sole, as this does tend to confuse the issue of, “is it tour, or is it retail?” But at the same time, it is an appropriate moniker, in that this club is for accomplished players seeking a workable club with neutral weighting and strong ball flight. It delivers on all counts. “Touch ‘em all!”

Bottom Line

I came away from my Adams RPM experience thoroughly impressed. Both clubs delivered in terms of performance, playability, and workability, with excellent feel and feedback. It had been a long time since I had hit an Adams club (original “Tight Lies.”) I admittedly had written off Adams as the “Senior Tour” brand with easy-to-hit clubs for the masses. I now have a new appreciation for their clubs and the direction this company is headed. Their clubs now offer a broad range of player’s options to accommodate the demands of everyone from “weekend hacker” to the most competitive of players. That’s right; this is not your Father’s “Tight Lies.” If you hadn’t thought about Adams as a club company for accomplished players, it’s time to change that perception and re-evaluate their clubs for yourself. The RPM Low Profile Tour fairway wood and RPM 460 Dual driver both deliver “outta the park” type performance!

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