Adams Idea Pro Hybrid Iron Set

Adams Idea Pro Hybrid Iron Set – Forgiveness and Playability

Well, it’s been a while in the making, but Adams is starting to shake their “old man” club image. There will be the naysayers, undoubtedly. But until they hit the newest iron set offering from Adams Golf, they won’t know what they’re missing. Do not be lulled to sleep when it comes to the Idea Pro iron set. This is one serious set of clubs, and one that puts Adams ahead of the curve when it comes to technology for the better player. With hybrids for the 3 and 4 irons, and forged players cavities for the 5 through pitching wedge, it’s almost like two entirely different technologies in one set, yet these fit together seamlessly. Let’s explore each to get a better sense of what they’re about.

First, we have the Idea Pro Hybrids. Even if you do not intend to get the entire Idea Pro set, you simply must check out these hybrids. Top to bottom, everything about them is top notch. I test a lot of equipment, and I must say the club heads of the Idea Pro hybrids are some of, if not THE hottest hybrids I have tested. What is so great is that they are also very accurate to boot. The Idea Pro hybrids set up completely neutral to the ball, with a square face angle. The club head size is smaller than some hybrids on the market, but its shape is very appealing, and it’s size proved to be optimal when it came to getting through deep rough.

The ball comes off the Idea Pro hybrids with a soft “tink” sound at impact. The feel is immediate, hot, and completely telling of where the ball has made contact. The stock shaft is the Aldila VS Proto 80 “By You” shaft. This is a perfect match with this head, as the combination provides a strong ball flight that is mid-high, yet is very easy to hit off the deck. It is a shaft that is easy to load and true to flex. It did not, however, seem prone to any wayward “snapping” through the impact zone and feels very stable. Essentially, it is the perfect compliment to the Idea Pro club head, and a wonderful shaft for a stock offering. The Idea Pro hybrids are finished off with a true Tour Velvet Golf Pride grip that rounds out their “all-business” nature.

The Idea Pro Hybrids feature a removable weight in the sole. It can be used to change the swing weight of the club for fine-tuning if you should choose to re-shaft or desire a different club head feel. The stock 7-gram sole weight provided a D2 swingweight, which gave the club a lively, lighter feel, without ever losing track of the club head in the backswing. If you have the wrench from the Adams 460 Dual driver, you will be able to remove/change these weights. But, I found again that the stock setup was quite appropriate and did not change the weight even though I did have some extra weights available.

The two-tone color scheme seems to be the only love/hate aspect of this club for most people it would seem. Given the completely workable nature of these hybrids, and their ample distance and forgiveness, I would think even if you were on the fence in the looks department, their performance would likely win you over. The 20º Idea Pro gave me consistent distances equal to or slightly better than how far I would hit my 3 iron. More importantly, I felt completely confident with it when addressing the ball, as the forgiveness far surpasses that of the long iron it replaces. The 23º also gave me excellent distance, and with both the 20º and 23º, I did not feel as though I lost any accuracy over a long iron. In fact, I believe I am more accurate with these, and the sense of confidence they have given me allows me to put a good swing on them a greater percentage of the time. In short, I do not miss my 3 iron a bit. Furthermore, I never thought I would replace my 4 iron with a hybrid. Again, I have not missed my 4 iron at all since these have been in the bag. For the level of control, forgiveness, and length, the Idea Pro hybrids really cannot be beat. I was able to mix them in with other iron sets as well, and they worked equally well with other sets to replace the 3 and 4 irons.

The incredible feel and performance does not stop with the Idea Pro hybrids. The accompanying forged irons are truly players’ cavities with feel and performance to match or surpass anything on the market. Forged from 8620 steel, on paper they might not be the softest metal available such as carbon steel. However, Adams has applied a rubber-like material in the cavities of the forged irons to reduce impact vibration- and it plain works. The feel off the face is soft and crisp, and has an underlying sense of accuracy. They feel like precise instruments. The club heads are finished in a beautiful satin finish to reduce glare. Top it all off with True Temper Black Gold shafts and Tour Velvet grips, and like the hybrids, the forged irons are top-quality throughout.

The Idea Pro forged irons do have some level of forgiveness built in. The head size is just a tad larger than some other forged players’ cavities on the market, but they seem to feel just as accurate, if not more so. The soles are relatively narrow until you get down to the 8, 9, and pitching wedge. There is a blunted leading edge to prevent digging (which works wonderfully,) and there is also a good amount of trailing edge relief to allow exiting the turf in an unnoticed manner. In varying conditions, from soft to fairly hard (even frozen turf) the Idea Pro forged irons never seemed out of place. There was no “skipping” off the turf, and divots were shallow overall.

The Black Gold shafts in the Idea Pros are again a wonderful match. They provided a mid-high trajectory with noticeably less spin than other shafts such as the Dynamic Gold. This made for a very strong, flat ball flight that was not easily altered in windy conditions. The shafts played very true to flex, and were easy to load, yet never felt like I was stretching their limits with my swing. They stayed with me, and really made the Idea Pro irons “point and shoot” easy for me right out of the box.

One aspect of the forged irons I was glad to see was consistent with the Idea Pro hybrids were the distances I saw, and the evenly spaced yardage gaps. It was a smooth transition from the 23º hybrid to the 5 iron, with approximately 10 to 15 yard gaps between all clubs. The distances of the forged irons were quite good, and at least as long as other iron sets I have used. But, their sense of accuracy was the best aspect.

At address, the Idea Pro forged irons are very classic in their design. Thin top lines and low offset amounts framed the ball beautifully. The toes are fairly high and rounded, with a relatively shallow heel. There seems to be enough club head mass low in the head to make them easy to launch, yet the flat launch and spin of the Black Gold shafts seems to keep things under control nicely. Knockdowns, draws, and fades are all possibly. Essentially, the forged irons are ready for whatever your game will make them do.

One hidden gem was the Idea Pro gap wedge that accompanied the set. Again the lines were classic and the setup very neutral. The soft feel carried over, and it felt like a natural extension of the iron set. The grooves were not especially aggressive, but they did provide adequate stopping power for low running pitches that would take two hops, “check,” and then roll out slightly. The Black Gold shaft did feel unique in the gap wedge- a little heavy overall. But I was able to adjust pretty quickly being it felt like an extension of the iron set.

Normally, when I review a set of irons or other clubs, I will have something that I might find that I wish would be different. In the case of the Idea Pro hybrids and iron set, I really am left with nothing to say but positives. Having been tested on tour extensively before coming to market, and being they retained the character of the tour prototypes, the wishes of the more accomplished player really seem to have been met with the Idea Pros. Incredible feel and completely neutral club heads all combine to provide performance and forgiveness as only Adams could pull off. The Idea Pro hybrid iron set is a concept that other manufacturers will like copy, but may struggle to match. It is certain to be one of the biggest success stories in golf equipment for the upcoming seasons.


A1 Pro Idea Hybrid Iron Set The new IDEA a1 Hybrid Irons. An integrated set of irons designed with classic, easy-to-hit game improvement features for golfers of all abilities. Easy-to-hit 3 & 4 wood. Replaces traditional hard-to-hit long irons. Forgiving 5 & 6 hollow back irons. A hollow back design, which moves the weight low and back for the easiest-to-hit and longest mid-irons ever. Game improvement offset. Replace conventional cavity back mid irons. Wide sole technology. Reduces miss-hits and promotes consistent, solid contact. Confidence-inspiring, game improvement topline, blade length and hitting area.

ADAMS Idea Pro i-Wood with Graphite Shaft

Adams Idea Pro iWood with Graphite Shaft What do you get when you combine a tour-preferred appearance with the ultimate performance accomplished golfers demand? You get 9 tour wins and a world-class reputation as being the #1 hybrid brand preferred by more PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tour pros, combined.* It s sleek, hot and workable. The new Idea Pro Hybrid is engineered with high-performance design features for greater distance and versatility off the tee, in the fairway or out of the rough. In a nutshell, that s why it s the #1 hybrid on the three combined tours. Features: Sleek, tour-preferred design with no offset Low CG, highest MOI of any hybrid on tour Pull face construction with custom steel face creates lower spin and increased ball speed Adjustable weight port for swing weight and shaft adjustment

ADAMS Idea Pro Set 3, 4 iWood / 5-PW with Graphite Shafts

Adams Idea Pro Set 3, 4, iWood 5-PW with Graphite Shafts: The Idea Pro hybrid irons were designed to be a perfect marrige of aesthetics, ultimate feel and sound. Every club is engineered to be a scoring club, combining versatility and shot control that no other iron set can offer. Replacing the traditional 3 and 4 iron with high performance iWoods, along with 5-PW forged irons, the Idea Pro provides greater accuracy, distance and a confidence-inspiring design.

ADAMS Idea Pro Set 3, 4 iWood / 5-PW with Steel Shafts

Adams Idea Pro Set 3, 4, iWood 5-PW with Steel Shafts: The Idea Pro hybrid irons were designed to be a perfect marrige of aesthetics, ultimate feel and sound. Every club is engineered to be a scoring club, combining versatility and shot control that no other iron set can offer. Replacing the traditional 3 and 4 iron with high performance iWoods, along with 5-PW forged irons, the Idea Pro provides greater accuracy, distance and a confidence-inspiring design.

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