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A few weeks ago, NassaWango received a brand new Innovex System RLS Hybrid 4 club as a demo from Innovex. I decided to hold onto the club and review it myself rather than farming it out to another one of our writers. I had yet to take the dive into the hybrid world and at this point in my game figured I could use some help with those hard to conquer long irons. As I normally do, I lent the club to several others to demo for their feedback as well. One of these folks was an LPGA Pro I met while golfing at a local course. The details of her feedback will follow towards the end of the article.

According to the Innovex web site the System RLS Hybrid 4 club goes for $75 for the FST-ProWhite Steel shafted model and $87.50 for the graphite shafted model. At this price, I was a bit skeptical that the product would meet my expectations. Most top brand name hybrids will sell for upwards of $200. Makes you wonder how much it costs those big brand name guys to product their products…

A little first about my game. After about 5 years playing golf, I’m starting to consistently shoot in the 90’s. I’ve recently taken on a teaching pro to help develop my game further and similar to others in my shoes, consistency is the key to lower scores. I often play championship quality courses that are very long, so it’s not uncommon to need to take a 3 or 4 iron out of my bag several times during the course of a round. In addition, I struggle with fairway woods, so I was already looking for a solution that could give me a little more consistency from about 200 yards out but still be easy to hit and work in a variety of conditions.

Enter the Innovex System RLS Hybrid 4…

Innovex System RLS

So what did I like about the RLS 4 Hybrid? I love the low center of gravity. This hybrid is designed to get the ball in the air quickly from any lie and I can verify that it works as advertised. Having a tendency to raise my head slightly during the swing, it’s especially important for someone at my level to be able have every advantage available for getting the ball into the air. Even with the occasional mis-hit this club seems to take up the slack and ensure great loft and distance – it’s very forgiving. I also really like the fact that the RLS 4 Hybrid sets up like, and feels like an iron. It takes little to no adjustment to pull this club out of the bag and hit it even though I’ve been playing my TaylorMade Super Steel Irons most of the day. Although the performance characteristics will have you swearing you’re getting the distance and trajectory of a fairway wood you’ll still get that soft landing, accuracy and spin you’re used to with your irons.

Best Golf Hybrid Clubs in 2021

  • CLUB/LOFT: 3 Hybrid/19°, 4 Hybrid/22°, 5 Hybrid/25°, 6 Hybrid/28°, 7 Hybrid/32°, 8 Hybrid/36°, 9 Hybrid/40° & PW Hybrid/45°
  • HYBRID MOVEMENT: More and more players are trading in their traditional irons and replacing them with hybrids. The EGI hybrids allow you to do this for every iron in your bag. Join the movement and expect an improvement in your game …
  • Speed back baffler technology-re-engineered baffler rails and a low, back tungsten weight optimize turf interaction and lower the CG for improved launch and faster club head speed from any lie
  • High strength 455 stainless steel face-thin, high-strength stainless steel maximizes face flex for increased ball speeds and distance across the entire face …
  • New V Steel Design. An updated V Steel design redistributes weight to enhance forgiveness while maintaining low CG properties. A depressed heel and toe minimize sole area, adding to V Steel's turf interaction and versatility benefits.
  • C300 Steel Twist Face. High-strength C300 steel allows for a strong fast face engineered for explosive ball speeds, paired with Twist Face technology to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on miss-hits for straighter shots …
  • Long Distance and Fast Ball Speeds From Jailbreak Technology
  • Fast Ball Speeds From an Ultra-Thin Face and Hyper Speed Face Cup
  • Easy Launch From a New OptiFit Hosel
  • Easy to Hit From New Progressive Shaping
  • Feel and Control From New Premium Shafts

As far as quality goes, the construction appears to be first rate. 15-5 stainless is used throughout the construction and fit and finish are top notch. Even the standard included grip (Innovex “S” Grip) is comfy and looks and feels built to last.

Overall, we’re extremely pleased with both the price point and performance of the Innovex System RLS Hybrid 4. It’s tested out well in varying conditions, worked well for folks at different levels of their game and is such a great buy, we’d highly recommend one for your bag. If you don’t already have a hybrid, give this one a shot. And if you do have a hybrid in your bag, try and get your hands on one and compare it to your existing club. We’re sure you’ll find comparable or better performance at a much more competitive price point. As a matter of fact, the RLS 4 Hybrid would make an excellent replacement for one of those long irons in your bag that always seem so difficult to hit.

But what about the others who tried it?

One of the testers I had play with this club was Kristi Bompiani, LPGA Professional and General Manager of Cherry Creek Golf Club in Youngwood, PA. Kristi had the following feedback, “While on the golf course one day, Chris asked if I would like to try this new hybrid. It wasn’t a brand name I recognized, so I truly didn’t expect much from my shot (I carry Callaway woods). However, to my surprise, I smoked the ball straight down the middle of the fairway. In reality, this shot traveled just about as far as my driver. Needless to say, the Innovex RLS Hybrid 4 is now taking the place of my Callaway Steelhead III after a few rounds with it in my bag. I feel the reason for my success with this club is due to the fact that the head is a little smaller yet still has a little more weight to it. It is easy to hit off the fairway, tee, or rough. I would highly recommend this club to anyone that doesn’t like the larger club heads and has trouble getting the ball in the air.

Bottom line

The Innovex System RLS Hybrid 4 is a quality hybrid club at a great price that can give you an edge in many different lies on the course. Whether you choose to tee off with it, hit it out of the fairway, or trust it in the rough one thing will keep coming back to you… I can’t believe how much I paid for this club. That’s the case we’re trying to make here folks and we’d encourage you to give the Hybrid 4 a shot.

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