How to Get the Most from Professional Golf Instruction?

A trained observer of how we swing a golf club can help us with what we can’t see ourselves. This is the basis for why anyone should consider golf instruction.

The trained eye of an experienced golf instructor will recognize where and how we can improve our grip, our stance, our overall swing, and yes, even our attitude about how we play the game. There is no doubt it can be a successful and rewarding experience. So if this is a good idea, what can you do to get the most out of it?

Visit Golf Instruction Classes

Once you have a time frame in mind about when you can attend some golf instruction classes, you’ll have several choices to make.

First, do you want to do this locally? As a practical matter, this will be what most golfers will do. If you can afford the time and the money to go to a golf instruction destination, there are well-known instructors and exciting locations to choose from that can turn your golf instruction classes into a very memorable event.

However, regardless of where you go or whom you work with in your instruction classes, your most important task is to very honestly take stock of where you are with your game.


Practice Makes Perfect

How can professional golf instruction change a golfer’s game? Well, I’d say it’s as simple as giving a golfer more time to practice and focus on the little things. Let’s face it, golf instruction is all about practice, and the more you practice, the better you will become at playing your game. However, there are some professional golfers that spend thousands of dollars every year taking lessons and doing this, yet they still don’t see any improvements in their game. I think this comes down to the three most important elements that any golfer must know in order to consistently improve: patience, persistence, and consistency.

Golf Instruction Questions to Consider

  • What is the weakest part of my game right now?
  • What is the strongest part of my game right now?
  • What club am I most confident with?
  • What club am I least confident with?
  • On the golf course, how do I usually lose strokes?
  • What are my top 3 goals for this golf instruction?

Your choices for getting the professional golf instruction you want starts with your local PGA professional. Instruction is one of their primary activities as a pro, and they welcome the opportunity to provide classes.

Golf Instruction Franchises

In many areas, there are also choices from among various golf instruction franchise operations. These locations offer trained instructors and modern technology that helps the instructor, and you, analyze your swing and what needs improvement.

Look for a Qualified Golf Instructor

One thing I noticed as I was looking at the professional instruction videos and books is that many of the players mentioned above said that the biggest mistake they made during their career was taking too many lessons. Golfers need to make sure they take lessons from a qualified professional if they want to see real and noticeable results.

Of course, the big question is how do you choose who is qualified?

It’s really not that hard to find out who a professional teacher is by asking around in the golfing community, by asking other players on message boards, or by simply reading up on reviews of the teachers. The more you know about a teacher the better decision you will be able to make as to who to take lessons from.



You should definitely take lessons from someone who has been playing the game for a while. Many good golf instruction teachers have experience in the game long before they started teaching, and they can provide great insight into what it takes to be a good golfer and what the proper mindset is. Lastly, I’m going to give you one last tip: if you’re serious about getting better at golf, then you need to seriously consider finding a good golf instructor.

Find Golf Instruction Destinations

Finally, there are the golf instruction destinations. These are the golf schools often headed by one of the game’s more famous instructors. Such a trip can be very rewarding, and are often used as business entertainment for valuable clients.