Hippo Hex 2 Golf Driver Review – A Unique Design Brings Outstanding Results

The Hippo Golf HEX2 driver is truly an innovation in golf design. It only takes one look at it to realize it’s not like most other golf drivers on the market.

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GolfDriverReviews Editor’s Review

Hippo golf started in 1989, growing out of Howson Sports. It is based in the UK and is the largest golf brand based in Europe. Some of the other brands under the Hippo umbrella include Beast, Giant, and Impact.

Hippo Golf’s signature club is the Hippo Hex 2 golf driver. This club offers a unique hexagonal shape that is different from anything else you’ll find on the market. But the big question is, “Does it deliver big results or is the design just a novelty item?” Well according to our research and consumer reviews, the Hippo Hex 2 does deliver.

Its unique shape helps to both cut down on drag and stabilize the club face at impact. This means you can generate faster club head speeds and hit the ball longer. You’ll also find the Hex 2 to be very forgiving on miss hits. Longer and straighter is a good combo and precisely what we want.

It may take a little time to get used to the look of the Hippo Hex 2, especially if you’ve been playing with a traditional pear shaped driver over the years, but the transition should be relatively easy once you get it out to the range and start hitting a few.

Hippo has already won several golf design awards in Europe and it has great sales in that market. You should start to see it growing in North American soon as well. Overall, we really like the Hippo and we definitely expect it to become more popular as the word gets out about what a great driver it is.

Hippo Hex 2 Golf Driver

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The Good

  • Accurate – the hexagonal shape and weighting on the back corners help to stabilize the Hippo Hex 2.
  • Large sweet spot – the shape again helps to enlarge the sweet spot and allow maximum forgiveness on miss hits.
  • Great feel – many golfers talk about the unique feel that they get from the Hex 2
  • Durable – it looks like Hippo has created a quality product

The Bad

Unusual design – the head shape takes some getting used to, but this can be a positive for those that want to be unique and stand out on the course. Of course the results should speak for themselves. If you hit it long and straight, who cares what it looks like.


There are two models of the Hippo HEX golf driver.

  • Hippo Hex 2 4.1 17+ 2007
  • Hippo Hex TX NA NA 2008

Technology Features

The Hippo HEX 2 golf driver uses its unique hexagonal shape to increase the energy transfer from the club face to the ball and decrease side spin effects. The optimal weight distribution in the design helps to generate straight and long drives. The HEX 2 welds together several pieces in the head to create the thinnest possible face that produces maximum distance. It fits together a light woven carbon fiber radius side, a 6-4 titanium crown and sole, and a super hard forged beta ti face. The welded components and the thin face help to maximize the trampoline effect of the ball striking the club face.

The Hippo Hex 2 also stabilizes the weight around the club head by using 6 grams of extra weight at the rear corners. This helps to ensure a stable club head on miss hits. In addition to stability, the HEX 2 driver’s aerodynamic shape helps to reduce drag on the backswing and generate higher club speed at impact with the ball.

The grip on the Hippo Hex 2 is also unique in that that upper half is cord and the bottom half is a soft compound. This creates a fantastic feel and superb control even when it’s wet out. The shaft is proprietary as well, featuring high modulus graphite fibers.

Specifications Table

  • Lofts 9, 10, 12, and 10 left hand
  • Lie (degrees) Unknown
  • Club Length (inches) 45.75″
  • Head Size Volume (cubic centimeters) 460
  • Swing Weight Unknown
  • Shaft Flex X, A, S, R
  • Shaft Types Hippo’s CP4 proprietary shaft
  • Grips Hippo dual cord grip
  • Shaft Material Graphite


For more information on any of these features, check out our Golf Driver Buying Guide, which has very informative articles on what to look for when buying a golf driver.

Professional Tournament Results

Hippo drivers have won four times at the European Golf Industry Awards. Many golfers have used Hippo to win tournaments over the years, including Ian Woosnam, Alex Cejka, and John Daly.

GolfDriverReviews Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of The Most Helpful Positive Reviews

Most golfers say that the Hippo Hex 2 is one of the straightest clubs they have ever hit and very forgiving. Several were able to straighten out a pesky fade that had troubled them for a while. There was a recommendation to tee the ball high because of the weighting of the club, so that you can avoid too much backspin. Many owners were also able to get some great extra distance.

Summary of The Most Helpful Negative Reviews

Many golfers felt that the look takes a little getting used to, but most really liked the appearance and results after hitting the Hex2 for a while. There was also one report of the bottom welding on the face cracking. Some golfers felt the Hex 2 was too loud as well.

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