Golf Training Aids – What Will Best Help You?

Almost every golfer out there has a problem and does not know it. Your swing maybe the worst in the group or the best, but everyone still is not getting the kind of results they want. To improve your game, you need to use golf training aids, but how do you know which ones to buy?

Looking for Improvement

No matter how long someone has been playing golf, there is often an un-quenchable thirst to ‘get better’ at the game. For some, this is the blessing of being a golfer – always striving to improve. For others, it is surely the curse.

With an almost endless list of ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ involved with attempting to perfect the golf swing, an equally endless supply of training gadgets, tools and devices have appeared over the history of the game.

Today, that list is longer than ever. New technologies have been combined with the imaginations of frustrated golfers and skilled inventors to produce this list. To find what you need, it is helpful to know where to start with finding what can BEST help your game.

Golf Training Aids laser

What Golf Training Aids to Choose?

For many people who are looking to get into golf and spend some time hitting balls around a course, the question often arises as to what golf training aids are worth buying. The answer, of course, depends upon individual needs. There are some other factors involved when it comes to buying golf training aids.

Some people will buy golf training aids because they see someone else playing better or need to check their swing.

Golf Clubs and Golf Balls

First of all, one has to consider the difference between an inexpensive, lightweight club that’s not very powerful and an inexpensive heavy ball that’s really heavy. The advantage of the heavy ball is that it creates a consistent flight over a longer range. It also tends to get overstepped by shorter golf training aids.

Golf Training Categories to Consider When Improving Your Golf Game


Your Grip

There are teaching ‘gloves’ and molded grips that will put your hands into the correct position. It is critical to get this right if you ever expect to play well.

Tempo & Balance

Beginner or Tour player, your game will be erratic until you find the product that will help you get and understand these feel moves.

Set-Up & Aim

A fundamental part of playing good golf, but too often overlooked. From beginner to highly skilled player, bad alignment can be the problem you’ve NOT worked on.

Hitting Stance

Golf training aids will also help with your stance. The right training aid will help you stand in the right position to hit the ball. Most training aids allow you to look down at the ball, but some are more precise. Training aids are also designed to work around the individual shot such as your slice or fade, or how you hit off cuts and how you address the ball on your approach shot.

Being on Plane

Especially for the middle handicap player, this can be the part of the game that is most critical, yet hardest to understand. Various training aids have been developed to help you ‘feel’ what being on plane is, part of swinging a golf club properly.

Other Training Aid Guided Areas

Other parts of your game that might need work and can be helped with a training aid.


‘At the Top’

Another critical part of the swing to understand, ask a pro for suggestions.

Short Game

Techniques are the key, depending on your style, and several types of aids are available.


Because putting is so much about personal comfort and feel, there are MANY tools and aids to choose from.

Books & Videos

Once you know which part of your game you want to work on, there are literally hundreds of books or videos that can be considered training aids.

Closing Thoughts

How can golf training aids to improve your game? Well there are many ways to train and improve, but the most important way is by using aids that improve your game. You should be aware of the fact that you are not the only one that has a problem with your golf game.