What You Need to Know About Golf Gloves?

A golf glove is an important accessory when it comes to playing golf. Let us see why.

Why Should You Wear a Golf Glove?

A golf glove helps you to maintain a good grip on the club, thus improving the swing. Torque (or twisting) is produced by your golf club during the golf swing. If you don’t, or can’t, maintain a solid grip, the golf club can turn, ever so slightly. The result will not be good, the power and efficiency of the swing will be decreased.

Which Golf Gloves are the Best?

Most gloves today offer a choice between how long they last, and how much ‘feel’ they offer. Synthetic gloves are less expensive and last longer. Leather gloves cost more, but provide a better ‘feel’ on the golf club.

Golfers want as much ‘breathability’ as they can get in a golf glove. Some have a mesh-like material on the back of the glove for this reason. This not only helps to keep your hands cooler and dryer, it also helps to keep the glove from stretching and losing its shape.

Determining Golf Glove Size

Try on several gloves before you make a choice. Be sure it fits snugly, but also make sure it is long enough for each finger. If not, it will be the first place it tears or wears out.


Benefits of a Golf Glove

A golf glove, is an integral part of golfing equipment. It protects your hands against calluses and blisters while offering a high level of friction between your palm and the club’s handle. A golf glove also is good when it comes to preventing moisture build up on the handle of your golf club.

Make sure the golf glove you buy fits you comfortably, both in terms of length and circumference. You should be able to feel free and natural movement through every part of your hand, but at the same time you don’t want the glove to be too tight or loose.

Choose the Right Golf Glove Material

Next, inspect the material of your golf glove for signs of wear. Most of the basic golf glove materials are either leather or synthetic, but for those of you who prefer the natural look of golf gloves made out of natural fibers, consider buying one of those.

The less common types of materials tend to shrink, so if you buy new pairs of gloves made out of low-cost leather and low heat resistant synthetic fibers, you’ll probably wind up having to replace them a few times over the course of several years.

Similarly, if you buy a set of golf gloves made out of wool with a PVC coating, which tends to shrink a bit more than leather, you may end up having to replace your gloves quite often. If you find that you absolutely must have a particular type of glove because it fits you perfectly, go ahead and splurge on a good pair, but don’t expect them to last very long – unless they’re made from a material that tends to shrink in high temperatures.

Why a Golfer Might Want to Wear a Glove?

Every golfer knows that a good game is won by being able to manipulate the club and make it do what you want it to without your having to touch the ball with your bare hands. This is why a golfer might want to wear a glove; if the club is stuck in between his or her fingers, then he or she will be able to feel the club through the fingers rather than rubbing them together. Some people might wonder at first why a golfer would want to wear a glove, but after they understand how important this is to their game, they will probably see how a glove adds to the experience of playing golf.


Golf Gloves Provide a Good Feel for Your Swing

When a person plays golf, each of the clubs requires a specific amount of force that is applied to it to cause it to do what you ask of it. For example, if you ask your golfer to hit the ball out of the sand bunker, the golfer is going to have to apply a different force to the club than he or she would if you were to hit the sand bunker using your normal golf glove.

Because the force needed to hit the ball with a bunker depends on the angle, length of the club and how much you push against it, a glove adds to the experience because you can feel the club’s force as you use it. A person who doesn’t wear one may find that they are unable to generate the same force as a person who wears a glove, which can cause them to lose control of the golf club and make it do things that they don’t mean to.

Wearing Golf Gloves is Part of the Etiquette

One more reason a golfer might want to wear a glove is because of golf etiquette. Before the strokes begin, players on either team should put on a golf glove. This is done to show respect to the other players on either team, as well as for the course conditions and safety regulations.

In addition to showing respect for the other players on either team, a player who doesn’t wear a golf glove when playing will not be able to play their best because they won’t be able to feel the forces that come with the club when it makes contact with the ball.