What is Acceptable Golf Attire?

If you are a golf pro or a golf novice, then you know that the proper golf attire is one of the first things you need to put on if you want to play golf at all.

It doesn’t matter what kind of golf apparel you are wearing, it will affect your game in some way or another. Even the golf shoes that you are wearing can make a difference to how well you play! Not only can quality men’s golf apparel help you play your very best game, it will also help you appear just as good off the golf course as you are on it.

Men’s Golf Apparel

Because it tends to be on the more casual side, men’s golf apparel which includes golf shorts and polo shirts can be worn casually out on the town or even at work. However, if you need to be seen in public for any length of time, you will want to make sure that the golf attire you are wearing is professional looking and appropriate for the type of golf you are playing.

Short and Long Sleeve Golf Apparel

Professional golf apparel such as polo shirts and shorts is well received by many professional golfers because not only do they look great, but they are also made with the highest quality performance fabrics and construction available. For golf apparel, there are two main styles which include short sleeve golf apparel and long sleeve golf apparel. Both styles have their own unique style, which are popular among men and women. Both styles also offer a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


Consider Every Factor When Choosing Golf Clothes

Mention golf or golfers to people who don’t play the game, and the picture they imagine usually has more to do with what golfers wear than anything else.

It might be a stereotype, and is likely outdated, but golf DOES have a close connection to the apparel that goes with being a golfer. What you wear while playing golf can range from very casual at most public courses, to more conservative or ‘dressy’ at many resorts and most private clubs.

The choices of shorts vs. long pants, t-shirts vs. collared shirts and spiked shoes vs. simple athletic shoes will be dictated by where you play and your personal preferences. But, if you play golf more than 2 or 3 rounds a year, there ARE some very practical considerations about what you should have when it comes to apparel for the golf course. Weather considerations are at the top of this list.

Playing Golf in the Rain

Playing golf in the rain has to be considered possible. In some places, even probable. Our golf ‘ancestors’ in Scotland certainly accepted this fact, and frequently played in what many of would consider very un-golf-like weather. To them, it was simply part of the challenge of this great outdoors game.

Rain Shirt

Fortunately, today, we have access to far superior protection from the rain and wet grounds than they could have ever imagined. This would start with what is commonly referred to as a ‘rain shirt’. Light, but wind resistant and waterproof, a wind shirt can easily be stored in your golf bag, ready for that sudden downpour, or the daylong drizzle.

Rain Suit

Taking the idea of the wind shirt a step further, you might also want to consider a full rain suit. Instead of just upper body protection, the rain suit also offers ‘pants’ made of the same materials, lightweight, and waterproof. To make your rain and wet course protection complete, there are several lines of golf shoes that offer extra protection in damp conditions. If you’ve ever slogged around in a pair of wet golf shoes (and socks), you can likely appreciate how welcome such protection would be.


Golf Sweater or Jacket

Weather conditions on the golf course are, in most places, usually warm, if not downright hot. Again, there are exceptions to this, and depending on where you live and play golf frequently, your golf apparel might also require some cold weather considerations. A golf sweater or jacket can be easily carried along in your bag, although most of the time, you’ll likely be wearing it before you start your round.

Golf Hat

Rounding out what you should consider as golf apparel ‘need’ is a golf hat. It serves several purposes, perhaps most importantly as sun protection for the top of your head and face. You can certainly own more when it comes to golf apparel, but these should be considered the priorities.