Cleveland Launcher DST Golf Driver Review – Light, Accurate, and Long

The Cleveland Launcher DST golf driver is the lightest on the PGA Tour. It can help you increase your swing speed 3-4 mph which means more distance off the tee.

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GolfDriverReviews Editor’s Review

The Cleveland Launcher DST driver offers some great technology with its main focus being on lightening the weight of the club. It is the lightest club currently available, at 292 grams; a full 5-10% lighter than most drivers on the market. A lighter club means faster swing speeds and in turn longer distance.

The big question though is can you control a lighter club and faster swing speed? Cleveland has enhanced the design of the club face with a larger sweet spot and variable widths of material to help on miss hits. However, a club that could be 10% lighter than the one you are using now will take some getting used to. You’ll definitely need to practice with it to keep your accuracy. That said most of the reviews we read on this driver show that golfers really love it once they played a few rounds and hit a lot of balls at the driving range.

So, if you want the extra distance and are patient and willing to put in the time you need to adjust to the lightweight Cleveland Launcher, you should notice a sizeable increase (3-10 yards on average) in your distance off the tee. I’ll take that any day!


The Good

  • Lightweight – the Cleveland Launcher DST is the lightest club on the PGA Tour
  • Classic look – The DST looks good
  • Good value – You won’t break the bank on this one, and you get some great technology for the price
  • High Quality – Cleveland has a great reputation for quality, and has many positive reviews for this the DST.

The Bad

  • Too light – This driver takes a little getting used to and can be considered too light for younger and stronger players.
  • Lacks Alignment mark – It needs something on the top of the club head to help you line up the ball when looking down.


The Cleveland Launcher DST is the latest generation of the Launcher models offered by Cleveland:

  • Cleveland Launcher DST 4.5 10+ 2010
  • Cleveland Launcher 4.8 40+ 2009

Technology Features

The Cleveland Launcher DST is the latest and best in the line of outstanding Cleveland drivers. It features a 0.5 millimeter thin crown that helps launch the ball very high by sloping down from the large club face. The DST increases the club head sweet spot and generates a high launch and low spin by having a 20 percent larger face than the first Cleveland Launcher model. It also has a traditional 460cc square face and the weighting is neutral.

The Cleveland Launcher DST has three major technology innovations that set it apart from other drivers on the market.

Sub 300g (292 grams) Ultralite Technology

The Cleveland DST is the lightest driver currently on the PGA tour, coming in 25 grams lighter (5-10%) than most standard drivers. What this means is that the typical golfer can generate an extra 3-4 miles per hour (MPH) on their swing speed. The faster your swing speed, the further you hit the ball. 3-4 mph translates to 3-10 more yards off the tee.

MaxCOR Face Technology

With this technology Cleveland has created a trampoline effect where you can get more distance and ball speed even on miss hits. Cleveland also redesigned the face of this club with variable degrees of thickness by moving 9 grams of weight from the face and repositioning it deeper and lower in the club head. This helps to create a higher MOI and a deeper center of gravity for straighter drives.

Diamana Ultralite Red 44 Shaft

The Cleveland DST has a longer (45.75″) and lighter (47g) shaft. This also helps to increase swing speed.

The Launcher DST Draw version has a club face that is 3 degrees closed and internal weighting to help generate a right to left ball trajectory for righties. The Launcher Tour version is slightly smaller at 430cc, has a face that is 2 degrees open, and internal weighting that help to generate a left to right ball trajectory. The Tour version also comes with a Mitsubishi White shaft that is 64 grams.

  • Lofts 9, 10.5, 12
  • Lie (degrees) Unknown
  • Club Length (inches) 45.75″
  • Head Size Volume (cubic centimeters) 460
  • Swing Weight D4
  • Shaft Flex A, S, R
  • Shaft Types Mitsubishi Diamana, Aldila, Fujikura, Grafalloy, UST
  • Grips Multiple Options
  • Shaft Material Graphite

For more information on any of these features, check out our Golf Driver Buying Guide, which has very informative articles on what to look for when buying a golf driver.

Cleveland Launcher DST

GolfDriverReviews Consumer Reviews Summary

What The Pros Are Saying

The Launcher DST line is so light, so fast and so long … Makes me wish the fine folks at Cleveland Golf would get in the fishin’-pole-makin’ business!

– Boo Weekley

Summary of the Most Helpful Positive Reviews

Everyone seems to get some extra distance with the Cleveland Launcher DST driver; up to 20 yards in some cases! Golfers can really feel how much lighter this club is and really like the additional swing speed. They also say it’s really solid off the face so you can control the ball and not get wild with a faster swing. Everyone seems to like the sound of the driver on impact. There were many comments on the high quality of Cleveland’s products, especially the DST.

Summary of the Most Helpful Negative Reviews

One player commented that he would like to see a mark on the top of the driver head to show where the mid-point of the face is. Others talked about how the DST is very similar to the earlier version of the Launcher, but they could definitely feel the weight difference.

Featured Pro Using A Cleveland Launcher DST Driver

Boo Weekley – Boo is from the US and turned pro in 1997 coming out of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. He has finished 9th on the PGA TOUR 2 times in 2010. He ranks 17th in Greens in Regulation Pct. on the PGA TOUR.

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